DISCUSSION: Direct Democracy in Kurdistan – Wednesday 24th February, 7pm

democratic confederalism public meeting-page001democratic confederalism public meeting-page002Direct Democracy in Kurdistan: a discussion on Democratic Confederalism in the Kurdish regions of Rojava (Syria) and Bakur (Turkey)
Wednesday 24th February, 7pm
Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton
All welcome! Free admission!

We will discuss the revolutionary ways that the Kurdish population in Bakur and Rojava are organising society through communes, people’s assemblies and co-operatives.

There will be a brief introduction to the ideology behind this – democratic confederalism, which was developed by Abdullah Öcalan, founding member of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), based on the ideas of Murray Bookchin.

The talk will be given by Kurdish and UK activists who have visited Rojava and Bakur. A lot of time will be given for group discussion, questions and answers.

“Democratic confederalism can be called democracy without a state. States are founded on power; democracies are based on collective consensus… Democratic confederalism is based on grassroots participation. Its decision making processes lie with the communities.

Democratic confederalism in Kurdistan is an anti-nationalist movement. It is flexible, multi-cultural and consensus oriented.  Ecology and feminism are central pillars”

Abdullah Öcalan

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